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    Bus Vampire

    I know I’m getting used to city life because I sat next to possibly the drunkest person I’ve ever seen (including PMA parties) on an overcrowded 16 bus and forgot to freak out about it via phone or Skype to anyone this evening. I was actually mostly awkwardly entertained; he told me I was pretty and that he loved me (I said, “thank you”), and he tried to offer me a (cold) Natty Lite from his pocket. I politely declined.

    Luckily, I was only on the bus for two stops, so I didn’t have to endure much awkwardness. The strangest part was when he tried to affectionately bite my shoulder. Yup. That happened. Adventure! I figure, I’ve been here for three months now; it’s about time something weird happened. :)

    One good part about the bus route, though, was that I figured out a way to make my Wednesday afternoon trek to Big Brain Comics much more efficient! Instead of taking the 3 or the 16 all the way out to the Metrodome Station, I just get off at Cedar and Washington, and then the 7 picks me up right in front of the comics shop and drops me off a mere block away from my apartment! For the past two months I’ve been taking the light rail home, which meant much more walking. This has been a nicely timed discovery—I’d been worried about all that walking come snow time.

    Anyway, thanks, Minneapolis, for the adventure. I’ll be back tomorrow for more!


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